Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my inspiration

meet my inspiration...

in some way shape or form, every piece that i create has been inspired by one of these three people...everyday they fill me with life...and art

claire is filled with personality, she is colorful, passionate, wild, spontaneous, brilliant, and strong. claire stretches me, I see so much of my adult personality squished into her little body, lol, i cannot wait to see what this girl has in store for her...i can only imagine what she will become, i know it will be something spectacular.

tate is such a sweet little guy, he is gentle, funny, always kind, full of energy, unpretentious, and bright. tate helps me to slow down and enjoy life, he reminds me of what is important in life and to savor it...he is such a wise little man...i know this little fella will grow up to become a great man.

and matt...what can I say? i adore ringo. He is so compassionate, smart (yes, he is who c&t inherited their brains from), witty, cute, the most amazing daddy, and the sweetest husband! Matt has this amazing heart...he loves others so much, he hurts for the world of people who are hurting, and he quietly pushes others to be their best. I can only hope to be more like this beautiful man that I am married to.

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