Thursday, January 28, 2010

profound thoughts...from a movie

I've found myself pondering the words of Morgan Freeman's character "Al Mighty" (aka God) in the movie Evan Almighty, a lot lately...

"If someone prays for patience, do you think God gives them patience? or does He give them the opportunity to be patient?

If they prayed for courage, does God give them courage? or the opportunity to be courageous?

If someone prayed for their family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings? or does He give them the opportunity to love each other?"

Funny that a movie could evoke such deep thoughts, but, it has and it's caused me to wonder how often I've been presented with opportunities only to respond with frustration at my prayer not being answered. I think of all of the times that I've prayed for our finances, for instance, and been disappointed when my prayers weren't answered with things like a house sale the month we moved out of state, or during some trying "tantrumming years" and my prayers were not answered by a more-pleasant-less-prone-to-throw-tantrums child...OR whatever it is that I thought that we needed...

my prayers weren't answered the way that I thought they should be: by zapping away our debt in an instant, an immediate house sale, the perfect doctor who can tell me what's making me sick, an ever-kind and patient me, the perfectly behaved child, or warm fuzzy, I cannot say my prayers have always been answered like that...but, what I can say is this: I have been presented with opportunities to become more dependent upon my Maker, to become more like Him and to be shaped into who He created me to be. Makes me think of the description of the potter and the clay in Jeremiah 18....

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