Monday, March 29, 2010

my bearded babies

Every time Matt or I make a trip to the grocery store down the street from our house, Tate scrambles to get shoes on and to find quarters. The grocery store just so happens to sell stick-on mustaches in it's little candy machines for fifty cents...and every time we go to the store, Tate likes to purchase a stick-on mustache. He and I went to the grocery store Friday night and he purchased himself a mustache that he had to put on immediately...we got some stares and some laughs...we also picked one up for Claire so she wouldn't feel left out, she was quite pleased and sported it alongside her brother. The kids thought it was hilarious that they were "bearded" like their daddy. Tate wondered if animals are killed to make stick-on mustaches.


  1. I know! isn't it funny? we went home and my brother had grown a mustache and Tate actually asked him when he planned to take his stick-on mustache off?!