Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dan Toro...favorite artist

Oh, I just love this artist's work! He is one of my absolute favorite artists...he has a way of taking something that society says isn't so lovely and making it God does in our lives. He inserts clever little "messages (images)" into each piece...he truly is so talented. This artist just so happens to be my brother...check out his latest "press release" and the images that will be on display at the I-20 gallery in NYC.

I-20 Gallery :: Dan Toro :: Selected Images


  1. Wow,I am absolutely stunned by Dan's work! I had no idea that he is such a talented painter. Wow and double wow! I was a studio art major at Denison, so I really appreciate seeing Dan's maturity and skill in painting at such an early age. I am going to send this site to Anna!

  2. I know! his work is beautiful isn't it?! I am so proud of him! he would love for Anna to see his work. He is actually heading to Turkey to paint this coming week! I am anxious to see the pieces he produces there. xoxo