Sunday, May 9, 2010


happy mother's day to all of the beautiful mothers in my life! and to all of the beautiful mothers who have helped to shape the lives of myself and my beautiful family.

I dedicate this to my own beautiful mother...thank you for your strength, courage, unconditional love, endurance, patience, constant generosity, setting an amazing example of God's love for me, and for loving my three as though they were your own. you are the epitome of proverbs 31. I learned to be a mother from you, I learned to love from you...I remember all of the nights you stayed up taking care of me when I was ill, I remember the tears you shed for me, and the joys you shared with were my best cheerleader (and still are!!)...thank you for teaching me about the Lord through your actions and words and for giving me such a wonderful childhood. You are now not only my sister in Christ, but, one of closest most cherished friends, I love you so much!!

and happy mother's day to the mother of one of the most beautiful men I've ever met: my precious husband. I wouldn't be a mother w/o my sweet husband, but, I also wouldn't be who I am w/o his amazing strength, love, name it...he IS such a beautiful example of God's love and I thank you for giving him that foundation.

thank you to grandma Joyce for raising my absolutely wonderful, kind, giving and loving father. to my great grandma for leaving an amazing legacy. and to all of the women who have played a role, be it large or small, for a season in my life. all of you planted seeds. thank you to each of you for contributing to the lives of my family and me.

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