Tuesday, May 4, 2010

home is where the heart is...where is that? lol

so, on my profile under "location" I've answered "changes frequently," and it does. We are on house number twelve since getting married...i think...i have to actually go back through the addresses in order to remember them all....I've considered creating a canvas with all of our addresses on it...but, then, I never do because, in my mind, our address could change again and the canvas would have to be re-created! Hopefully that's not the case...but, ever what...Matt and I have learned to roll with whatever happens...even the kids say things like "Next time we move, can we live by_______"

Of the twelve homes we've had:

2 out of 12 times Claire and Tate have shared a room

3 out of 12 times we've had a pool

1 out of 12 times our garage felt bigger than our house!

1 out of 12 times our roof touched the neighbor's roof

7 out of 12 times we had a back yard

10 out of 12 times we had a garage (but only 3 times have we been able to park in it!)

2 out of 12 times Matt and I have slept in the living room (ha ha, and we loved it...but, really when you move as much as we do, stuff like that stops mattering)

3 out of 12 times our house was w/in walking distance to EVERYTHING

2 apmts, 1 condo, 4 ranch styles, 4 2-stories, 1 3-story.

1 of the 12 houses was over 100 years old...a couple were close to 70 yo, 1 was brand new and the rest were in between.

1 out of 12 houses was owned by us...or at least the mortgage bill was addressed to us :o)

Anyhow, all of this moving houses business makes me think a little bit about how this world is not my home, and, how often it's easy for me to not get too attached to one place b/c I have been conditioned to pack up and leave. Moving a lot certainly makes a girl hold onto things a lot less...makes her purge of her vintage bowling lockers, refrigerators, dressers, four sofas (lol), and ALMOST a thing moving a lot does do, is teach us not to hold onto earthly things because moving them is NOT fun and because, really, that's just what they are: earthly...I can't take them with me. Yes, moving definitely brings stress and pain, but, for our family, it has also brought lessons in storing up for treasures in heaven.

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