Saturday, June 19, 2010


Dear Claire and Tate,
Happy Father's Day to two of the luckiest kids on may not realize this, but, like me, you are blessed to have been given one of the best dads ever. Here are a few pix from the years passed...
with love,
the luckiest wife (and mommy) in the world.
happy Father's day to my sweet husband and my amazing dad! I love you both so much. Thank you, Dad, for being the wonderful father that you are to Me, to Dan, and to Matt! you have taught me so much in life and by truly are an amazing man. Thank you, Matt, for being the fabulous daddy and husband that you are! you have had to pull my weight SO much this year, you have had to be both daddy and mommy some days...I hope you get a break from your "motherly duties" (wink wink! lol) today. I love you so much. And, lastly, happy father's day to the father of my amazing husband...he is such a wonderful, kind, loving, and giving person. you would be SO proud of the man that Matt is.
Matt, we all love you so much! hope you enjoy your day.

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