Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nanny McPhee Returns | In Theaters August 20th

Nanny McPhee Returns In Theaters August 20th
we had the opportunity to view the new Nanny McPhee movie (coming out mid August) tonight, and, I must say, it was the cutest kid's movie that I've seen in a long time (now, keep in mind I had to miss out on Alice in Wonderland when our babysitter landed in the, I am comparing Nanny to all of the other quality films that we've seen...such as "old dogs" or that Jackie Chan one where he was the next door neighbor...does "spy next door" sound right?!)
I think I may have liked Nanny McPhee returns better than the original...Matt's not so sure, so, I would imagine that we will have to dust off the old Nanny McPhee in our movie cupboard and give it a viewing tomorrow night for family date night.

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