Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the squabble I maybe shouldn't have

so, my camera doesn't seem to be uploading pix...dropping it doesn't exactly help my cause...otherwise I'd totally post a photo of my kiddos b/c I have so many recent pix! I've had to resort to digging through old files to find photos to add to the blog :o( this one's cute though...C & T were squabbling and had to hold weren't ready yet. They were 4 and 5 in this picture.

ANYHOW, here's a funny story for you today:

The kids have reached an age where they help out around the house...which is fabulous, lol...however, today I wasn't exactly paying attention to my kindergartner who has been begging to do laundry for quite some time...I thought, "what could it hurt?" and asked him to throw the wets into the dryer and put all of the whites that I had already sorted into the wash...

the washing machine seemed REALLY full...but, I didn't think much of it as I turned the water on and added CLOROX...until I discovered a ton of darks at the bottom of the load of whites when I went to throw them in the dryer! lol. I thought I heard Claire telling Tate he wasn't finished with his job...and I am pretty sure he shouted back "you aren't the mother," but, I figured they worked that little squabble did I know.

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