Monday, June 14, 2010


I think the beach is our family's favorite place to, not that the word "vacation" is used much in our vocabulary unless attached to "summer" or "Christmas" and meaning "a break from school" (haha...and in this case, it is only a vacation for the kids...not for me...wink wink...just kidding, Claire and Tate...I absolutely LOVE it when you are home and miss you oodles when you are gone!! xoxo)...
beach trips are a coveted rarity for our family and have only occurred when Matt's company paid to fly us away from the stadium to give us a break from the reality that was our life at the time, when we moved (for less than two weeks) to an island, AND...when my beautiful cousin invited us to VACATION with her at her friend's beach house! I just read an email from her...the beach is only an hour from her house she is able to frequent it alot more often than we are so it's more home-like for her than for us...however, she did say that this past wknd felt very "vacation-ish" and I must agree that it certainly did!!

A few things we learned while "vacation-ishing" with Daphne and Marika: everyone must try an outdoor shower at least once in their lives, the little bubbles on the shore are clams!!, hermit crabs are the only beings able to find perfect shells...unless they die in our buckets...then, sadly, their loss is our gain, clams are amazing little critters...they look like marsh grass around 3am if you create a habitat for them, beach umbrellas are relatively easy to set up...until the wind flips them inside out, yummy chicken salad is easy to make, pop chips are the best thing ever, a whole roll of paper towels DOES kill big bugs, salt-water air leaves a huge film on everything, cars peeling out on sandy roads sound like rabid dogs, I do talk (scream) in my sleep, whoopie pies are amazing, sunscreen helps in the prevention of sunburn, clouds are deceiving, vinegar helps sunburns, olive oil tastes way better than vegetable oil when frying flour tortillas, AND we must make our visits with Daphne and Marika a regular thing...because they really are the best gals to vacation-ish with...

Gavin had some really great gals here on earth...and, I am sure, if he had a window from heaven he was laughing at us and was so proud of you Daph, on your first time packing/loading!!! he was probably nodding his head about the WWII facts, proud to hear that you now listen to political radio shows lol, smiling at the patient and loving way you parent your beautiful daughter, whispering sea-shell names to us, and was probably busy helping God to prepare that lavender beach house for us to visit you two in when we all join him in Heaven!! what a brave, strong, and amazing woman you are, Daphne...and such a great are an inspiration to me. Thank you for the best weekend was SO much fun and SO worth the drive. We miss you already.

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