Sunday, July 11, 2010

I've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart...where?

my absolute favorite verse in the Bible is 1 Thessalonians 5:16:

"Be joyful always"

simple instructions for life:

be joyful ALWAYS!!! (love it!!), let's think about this simple, yet difficult, command...

what does the life of one who is "joyful always" look like?

If we were to examine our own lives and apply such instructions, how might they look differently?

would we take less personally? read into other's words and actions alot less? anger less? would we speak kinder words and words of encouragement? and, if we were joyful always, wouldn't that joy apply to the successes of others? would there be less jealousy and hurt in our world?

I think one reason I love this verse is because it commands us to be joyful- to actually seek to be filled with joy...of course, this is totally my "mantra" if you will, lol, I love ANY reason to celebrate, throw a party, or just have a good time.

We recently visited our friends in Denver and the four of us decided to drive past our cottage that we owned a few years's funny because all four of us sat in the middle of that dark street remembering what great times we had in that 600 square foot house (hence the name "cottage"). Weekly, someone's bday or some random holiday was celebrated, backyard cookouts or flaming grill marshmallow roastings were held, water balloon fights, sparklers, Bible studies, margarita nights, roller derbys, bubble gum blowing contests...okay you get it...but, that was our house and it was so much fun.

I guess I can definitely appreciate a Bible verse that's telling me I have to have fun...

and I don't believe that this "joy" that's spoken of is something we are waiting to occur in Heaven (however, I do believe we'll be doing all kinds of partying in Heaven!)...I believe the life we have here on earth was meant to be joy-filled.

Let's take this week and find more ways to add a little joy to our lives and to the lives of others...and let's also take this week to look for the good in all situations...because being a joyful person is such a fun way of approaching life!


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