Friday, July 9, 2010

row row row your boat

If you had a boat and you saw your friend drowning would you paddle over, help them into your boat, and take them to shore? or would you paddle over to them and point out their lack of a life-jacket, explain their stupidity in not having one, or tell them what they really need is a boat like yours and ask them why on earth they are even in the water drowning in the first place? perhaps you might like to leave them in the water drowning and take a moment to go over every life decision they have made in order to lead them to this act of drowning?

OR wouldn't you rather just offer them your hand and pull them into your paddle boat and row them to shore? wouldn't you rather offer them the little resources you have and help prevent them from drowning completely?

isn't it sort of the same in life?

it's so easy to look at the situations of other people, to see their messes and to forget that we too were once drowning...we forget our lives are just as messy and sit in our boats explaining why we believe that someone else is drowning...we might even point out to our peers floating in boats around us how our drowning friend is swimming wrong during such an occasion.

Sometimes it's so easy to forget that we have a boat that could help our drowning friend, and out of fear when we see them drowning, it's easier to judge....but, really, sometimes all that's needed is a little space on your words are necessary. WE don't have to point out why our childhood friend's marriage is failing, or how ridiculous another friend was to choose a dangerous path,

we just need to paddle over and pull them onto our boat.

Sometimes I believe I don't have anything or enough to offer help...but, I do have a boat...and I do have arms to paddle.

read romans 14:1-4 and ephesians 2:12-13

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