Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a very long run-on sentence about my dream car

isn't she a dream? and when i say "she" i am not referring to the female in this pic...i am talking about that blue beauty parked on the street? haha, when we were visiting my parents earlier this summer i saw her and i made matt pull over and take my picture with her, of course i saved the photo...i even saved it on my mom's computer in case she is missing me and wants to see me alongside a great fact i have taken similar pics of blue vw vans from the '70's that we pass on the kids scream out "MOOOOMMMM! a VW van," every time they see one on a, no my children do not see my pining for the latest luxury vehicle, it's a blue vw van, white top half and ideally, it would have a white covered tire in the front...some kitschy curtains...and a little rust hole for birdies to live in (this one DOES have that). Matt has learned that when i gasp and smash my face plus both hands up against my car window it is not to warn him that he is approaching a head-on-collision, no, he is approaching his wife's dream car. can't you just see me chugging up to my kids school, amidst all of the other parents and their dream cars, in this beauty?! can you imagine how many people i could pile into her? OR the furniture pieces i could fit in her? i know, i know, she probably tops out at 45mph, and sure, she doesn't have AC or an automatic start button, or even a plug for my ipod...but oh, isn't she dreamy?


  1. Yes...she is indeed dreamy!! I haven't seen one of those in so it!

  2. finally! a girl after my own heart ;o) glad you can appreciate such a fab ride!!