Monday, August 23, 2010

don't go breakin' my heart...

of course my camera would (finally) bite the dust on the first day of school...just as it did when my youngest was born (I had to have pix taken w/a disposable camera that day...not that I remember any of the photo ops while in labor) and, as it has done for SO many very important milestones in our lives. Thank goodness for the crappy camera phones that have at least (blurrily) captured some of our big moments in the past....
and, of course, on first-day-of-(yet, another new)-school's-eve, I would discover in my desk two old camera cards from the last two (broken) camera's...Ohmygoodness, talk about break my heart!! just look at how tiny my babies were!!! those were the, I don't miss potty-training and sleepless nights...but, oh my, where has the time gone?? how are my kiddos so big?? I'll post more later about our big day.
take a peek at the pix I discovered last night!!

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