Monday, August 30, 2010

"I will be men" kids seriously crack me up!! look what I discovered while cleaning out my desk and art cupboards!!! The first set is of a note card I found written to C (probably written around Jan. of this year by T), it reads: "If you don't play with me I will be men [aka mean]," on the back of the note card C writes: "That's not how you spell mean T." I laughed so hard and I hung it above my desk...T, of course, did not find it cute or funny and kindly asked me to remove it from it's hanging position above my desk. The second set is of a paper garment...a mixed media piece I was working on...until four year old C wrote a note on it and cut it the life of me I cannot remember what the note says...and, actually, I remember laughing so hard that day because she said something super funny about "discipline" (the girl is wise beyond her years) and I told her to write it down on any piece of paper she could find in my paper, she found the paper garment i had been working on and used her little preschool scissors to cut just a snip out of it...I am kicking myself for not writing what it says on the back!! At the time I could totally translate preschool, I guess I've lost my preschool handwriting translation skills! dang. I'll have to ask C if she can remember what it says!! too funny. just had to share.

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