Tuesday, August 31, 2010

here's Nie, folks...i like her style:

so, the thing about blogs, much like facebook, I would assume (I just can't bring myself to do the facebook thing yet), is you get to peek into the lives of get a little glimpse, a little snoop of their personal thoughts/hopes/dreams/frustrations etc etc and you get to see's like a little window into someone else's life w/o them knowing you are reading (or knowing YOU for that matter)...haha...whoa...i sound like a!!
anyhow, i've been reading "nienie" for quite sometime...I like to read her blog, she is so inspiring. in life and artistically. she has such a beautiful perspective on life that encourages me and reminds me to enjoy it, to savor each precious moment. the girl has style too...great taste...check out all of the cute little finds she has on her blog (ie face plates from urban outfitters...totally ordering those nie!! thanks for sharing!!)
anyhow, let me introduce you to nie...check out her blog and read this blog entry, from awhile back, it was particularly sweet...

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