Monday, September 27, 2010

the cutest little debate team captain...

Being a parent has taught me alot about the nature of God, our Heavenly, let me get this straight: i am in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM comparing myself to's just that God is our ultimate example of what a parent should look like and I realize daily how I fall short!! God's children are way more rebellious than mine, way "meaner" to their siblings than mine are, way more hurtful toward Him than mine are to me...and He accepts them with open arms...

He says "...All day long I have held out my hands to a disobedient and obstinate people" romans 10:21 & Isaiah 65:2...when I picture Him standing there waiting for me, His child, with open arms, I do not picture him shaking his head or wagging his finger at me...He is simply waiting for me! and, I ask myself, do I do that for my children? It seems to me that God's nature, as our parent, never changes...and yet, my nature as a parent changes based on the condition of my child's behavior. More often than not, I am sure I use the "I told you so," line, I allow my babies emotions to affect mine, and I do not in any way resemble my true example of a parent. many times have I let God down? how many times have I been unkind to my brother or sister? how many times have I been his disobedient and obstinate child? and, not once does He sit and lecture me on why my actions were, He lets me learn on my own, and He gently guides me.

LOL so, I was blessed with a child that could be labeled "strong willed," however, I prefer spirited b/c she probably gets the "spirit" from me. I have often told myself over the years that God has to have HUGE plans for a little one with such strong opinions...C loves to so not kidding she actually argued with me in her sleep last night!! it's not really in my or matt's nature to enjoy arguing...the two of us don't sit and debate about things, so, I don't think this is a learned trait...but, C, she could debate ALL day long and at times it feels like she looks for ways to argue.

me: "look at the beautiful blue sky,"

C: "umm...the sky is NOT blue!! it's baby blue."

I'll admit that i've met some adults like this and it totally freaks me out and I probably over parent out of fear of C turning out like them...but, my dear friend pointed out the other day that we take too much credit as parents for our children's failures and their accomplishments when really we are just there to guide these little creations who have their own free will...and then, I am reminded of how God waits for He allows me to choose and make mistakes, and how He loves me faults and all. As I sat praying for my little debate team captain this morning, I felt renewed as I realized that my sole responsibility isn't to stop the debate or to even join in as the opposing team, but to simply love like God cover them in prayer, and to gently guide her (and my little guy too) because God does have big plans...even if those big plans are simply a head full of lovely silver which C will reply "it's not silver, it's grey," lol just kidding.

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