Wednesday, September 1, 2010

keith darling, i miss you

is that you keith? i can barely make you out in the tiny photo i copied/pasted of you!!
oooooh i miss you, and now my internet connection is pretty shabby, so, i can't even watch you online....oooooh, those were the days, when I could record you and watch you over and over...our late nights discussing amazing finds and inspiring one another are over...oh sadness :o(

dear readers,
let me introduce you to my BFF (after matt), keith. fabulous keith johnson. well, his job is, at least...and, i must say, i think he's pretty fab from all of the time i've spent with him...well, not WITH him per se...but viewing this fine fella, who has my DREAM JOB, via the sundance, anyone who has my dream job HAS to be pretty great!! and, quite honestly, I know that keith and I would totally hit it off...we'd be great friends if given the chance....ahhhh, if only Matt and I could accompany keith on one of his ventures...such dreams.
My sweet husband discovered and introduced me to keith one evening as i slept soundly on our pink sofa beside him, he told me he had a surprise for me, and what a great surprise it was!! it was a pretty usual evening for us...we "retired" to the sofa to have a coffee or a tea and eat some cookie or something i had baked and to watch a little something something on the telly....however, each night, i literally retire...i ALWAYS curl up and unintentionally, as I was snoozing that sweet husband of mine recorded MAN SHOPS GLOBE for me...i was hooked!! it's only the BEST show ever. here's a link...unless you've already followed the link that i've had on my sidebar all year...check out good ole'll love him as much as I do.
love, sarah

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