Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my cute little feet

ohmygoodness ladies and gents check out these cute new boots i just got...who knew that real snow-wear could be so darling? AND they are warm...not only do these babies keep my feet dry, apparently they can keep my little tootsies toasty to negative four degrees too.
I absolutely cannot stand winter or cold weather...I love to look at snow and it's absolutely perfect falling on the eve of my fave holiday, Christmas...but, I just really don't like it...perhaps it's because I got my fair share of it, growing up in a state with two seasons: winter and July/August. Even in our warm state last year, it snowed a ton!! that these bad boys have arrived in my shoe closet...I kinda wish for snow so I could sport them. I tried to pair them with a darling little pinstripe dress today and some knee socks...yeah, I was sweating. I am sure I'll find a way to wear them....they are the cutest. For your own pair click here: OH and did I mention the adorable polka dot ribbons that came with them??!!

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