Wednesday, September 8, 2010

seriously adam, why??

thanks a million to adam sandler for ruining my children's music taste...

noooooo, rock me amadeus isn't a bad song...but, seriously...on repeat on the ipod, in the car, in the kitchen, as a bribe to eat breakfast...madness!! and NOW, it's on repeat in my head!!

adam seems to like to insert good ole bands like styx and falco into his movies (spelling? i wouldn't know...i was born in 1980 and probably couldn't spell their name OR was too busy listening to debby gibson lol, did i actually admit that?)...and, for those of you who haven't seen bedtime stories half a million times like me, he jams out to "rock me amadeus" in the film...and now, T is in love with the darn song!! OH, that and JOURNEY!!! seriously, adam, are you kidding me?? what are you doing to my kids??

here is the list of downloads for sunday:



animal-neon trees



with a ten minute begging session that I also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE download journey!! holy cow, you're killing me, adam sandler!!

LOL however, RockMeAmadeus does cause both kids to break out in dance where ever they's absolutely HILARIOUS!!! i am going to try and film it (on my ipod...did you know that my ipod has a video camera?! genius!!!) and post it next time those kids of mine are playing RMA...which will be the minute we get home from school tonight, lol.

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