Friday, October 15, 2010

my lil birthday boy!

happy birthday my precious little boy!! how did you get so big? it seems like just yesterday you were tiny and in my arms...just yesterday Daddy, C, and I welcomed you into our family. I am so glad God chose us to be your glad that cool little you gets to make our family complete! You have been such a joy, you are such a sweet sweet boy, I know God has big plans for you my love!

poor little T spent his bday sick this year!! The poor little guy missed out on taking treats to his classroom, and ran a fever all the end of the day he was convinced he felt well enough to eat at a fave dinner spot and have his cake too...until his little stomach protested and he spent the rest of his bday evening lying on the floor of our bathroom building legos with dad! the poor boy was such a good sport and reasoned that at least he had his presents to play with while he was home sick.

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