Thursday, November 4, 2010

husband of the year award

my husband the chef...seriously...this was SO yummy!
my husband the pinata maker...look at his cute lego!
Most people who know me from the years past know of my spontaneous and free-spirited personality...i love life, i love my sweet little family, i love a new little heart loves to party...only lately, my body doesn't seem to follow my heart's lead. This change in me has certainly affected our sweet children are used to a mama who breaks into dance in the kitchen with them, my husband is used to a wife who works on a creative project until the wee hours of the night and suggests huge life changes at the drop of a story, our story, has taken on a new chapter...honestly, we wouldn't be where we are today (locality, physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually...etc etc) if it weren't for this twist in our story...circumstances have forced us to take a new path...this new path has brought us to another new home, and another new place in life that asks how we choose to view it. I am a completely different person, and, I ask myself: "would i be here, had it not been for all that we've been through?" would i pray as much as i do? seek God as much as I do? strive for time as a family as much as i do? strive for personal belongings as little as i do? i don't know...but, I do know that I couldn't have made it through this year without the love and support of my amazing husband...

so, i just have to brag him up...i have the best husband on earth. my sweetie is simply the best...a woman walked up to him and called him a hero at swimming tonight and i wanted to cry...she was of course, referring to all that he's been thru with and done for me over this past year of illness...

my sweet husband is the reason i have remained so positive through all of this...he is the reason i have remained calm when i do wake up sick, he gently reminds me of Who is in control and quietly prays with me when I do get scared. All last year he woke up early and helped me make breakfast and pack lunches...then, loaded the kids in his car and took them to school, walking each to their classrooms and then driving late to work...if I couldn't make it to school pick up, he drove the 20-30 minute commute and picked the kids up then drove back to work. My husband is amazing...and not just for last year...for the entire ten years we've been together! After a recent visit to the financial planner a, when I was upset and blamed myself for all of the doctor bills and cross-country dear husband said, very matter of fact, "babe, if none of that had happened our story wouldn't be the is WHO we are...and in the end none of this matters...God doesn't look at the bottom line,"

I love that man I am married to...I could go ON and ON....

how about you? what do you love about your husband? I would love to, if you are in the mood, please share!

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