Saturday, November 13, 2010

my so-called wifi...previously titled "october rewind"

my isp is sketchy...and my phone connection sounds like i am talking in a tunnel (when you sign up for an apmt community that has a "bundle" included in the the fine print, my dear friends...bundle=little or no internet connection +local calls only)...andyhow...this fabulous internet connection of mine has prevented me from uploading pix for the last couple of days....and now they have scattered all over the, while they are still ON the screen, scattered or not, i am going to publish this post....our october...or little glimpses of it:

from pumpkin carving and face painting to a lego bday party...i have plenty of other pix...but, i am not going to risk losing this post for the 16th time! oh, and yes...that's my cute husband as an ice cream cone...yep, his hair even has multi-colored clippy's (aka SPRINKLES!) in, only we realized as we were driving to our halloween party that he looked a tad bit more like a pedophile than he did an ice cream

a giant lego brick cake

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