Thursday, January 6, 2011

welcome new year...

2011 has somehow, in the blink of an eye, made it's chilly appearance
we planned to have a party with sparklers, and poppers, and bubbly, and some of that Christmas music that I just didn't get enough of this holiday season since I misplaced my ipod for the entire month of December only to discover it in PERFECT timing as the cutest little docking station/speaker arrived from my sweet mama (love that little music blaster)...only somehow, just as the school year, our birthdays, and every other holiday has done this past year, NYE snuck up on us...and the party plans fell to the wayside
being the ever-motivated time optimist that I am...I had all kinds of glittery dreams for our NYE party...I figured if we could pull off Christmas cookies and decorating our living room along with TWO Christmas trees all just days after having a spinal tap AND moving, we could definitely pull off a glittery black-tie and pajama NYE party...we were all so, the excitement died down as the weather grew colder and our house became more and more cluttered with boxes...
and we spent our cold NYevening inside with sparkling cider and a round of toasts from my cute little family members. I ended up being ill and tucked into my bed enjoying the belly-laughs that came from my three watching a movie at the end of my bed...then all three circled around me and gave cheers before heading off to bed. C & T were quite upset at missing the ball drop...but, the funny thing is...we missed it too! It was so nice to be cosied up in my warm bed next to my sweet husband with the fire going in the background...I couldn't have planned a more perfect and restful ending to our 2010.

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