Monday, April 4, 2011


No matter how hard I try, all of my efforts can never draw me closer to God, nor can they make me more like Him... I think that's why I love ash Wednesday so much, it's a reminder that someone else paid the price for us so that we might have's a season of reflecting and remembering the true true meaning to our lives.  we are reminded during the Lenten season that we must let go in order for God to come in and create a better story for us, better than any of our efforts ever could.
giving something up isn't my effort to draw closer to God, it's simply an act to create room for Him to come in and's allowing the sculptor to sculpt, possibly removing large chunks of clay, in order that I might be a beautiful sculpture when all is said and done.  If I, the lump of clay, never allow the uncomfortable removal of possibly large chunks of my being, what will I be when I am through? merely a large lump of clay?
Some days I try to imagine my life as a book...of course this is due in part to Don and his book "A Million Miles in One Thousand Years" (if you haven't read it, I suggest picking up a copy today, it will totally change how you view your life)...And when I see my life as something small and finite like a book in hand, I realize how small and finite it is. I also realize that it could be a classic, it could make a difference in the life of one or a few, or it could be a total flop...wasted words on wasted paper.

It's so easy to forget that our lives do not go on forever, they don't continue...the stories we live a few generations I will just be someone's ancestor.  Will I have cluttered my life with wasted moments, or will I pause and allow it to be shaped and written by a Creator much better than I?
We all have the potential to be a beautiful sculpture, to be a story that has meaning and purpose, to find art in just being who we were created to be...
This year's ash Wednesday we held a service at our house, it was absolutely lovely...I found myself missing our creative Lenten I decided that our casa would be the venue for ash Wednesday 2011.  Anyhow, words cannot describe the beauty I found in the gathering of people we had here in our, let me allow my beautiful friend, Stephanie's photos tell the story for you...of course I cannot post them in the adorable way she did (I am technologically challenged...and very obviously not so up on punctuation nor proper grammar either if you couldn't tell by my constant dot dot dotting), after you've looked through her pix here, you must check out steph's website here and be sure and take a looksie at her blog if you want to see her compilation of our ash wed evening or if you just like to read the blogs of random strangers here .

photos courtesy of Stephanie Cooley, SC Photography:

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