Wednesday, April 13, 2011

boys get all the breaks

those boys, they really get all the breaks, don't they? my brother could pee STANDING up, seriously, SO fast...and I had to wait until we found a rest station or i could squat & deal with pee running down my ankles and pooling inside the cuff of my left sock (every time)...for this reason, i thought it would be much nicer to be a boy when I was small...C on the other hand has other reasons for thinking it'd be nice to be a boy:

last night C, in exasperation, exclaimed that she just wished she were a boy.
 I asked why, and she said because she needed to be the boss...this came up because she wanted to write her name first on a card to our neighbors and it flowed better to start with her dad's name..."why does HIS name always have to go first? why can't mine?" and I jokingly said "because he's the BOSS!" to which she replied "Why can't I be the boss? I never get to be the boss, I wish I was the boss of everything," LOL I was rolling b/c this is SO her personality, but, she's never actually verbalized that! when she was little she would draw family pix making herself huge and the other family members (in order of how she felt about them that day) much smaller and colorless.

here's C's new cropped do...very short...but SO cute (and ps she did not cut it to look like a boy...she saw some celebrity and had to have it chopped, I love her boldness)

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