Monday, April 11, 2011

my creative outlets

I've been filling an order or two...I haven't made these guys for anyone for about two years...and seriously, this is when I need a better camera and for the mister to whip me up a cute little white shadow box...
but, we all know of my track record with, it wouldn't be a wise investment.

In the next couple of weeks I'll get to go and lead a soap carving workshop at this really neat school for special needs kids transitioning out of high school into the next season of their lives...these kids are amazing artists! I am SO not kidding, I cannot wait to post pix of their collages from our last workshop...I was literally floored at how awesome each of these kids was at using the sewing machine and how very differently each of their collages turned out.
Anyhow, my babes have just returned home from their school day and I am itching to hang out with them...and get homework, more on all of this later.

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