Friday, April 1, 2011

oh sweet sweet dsl

       C & I on our way to my brother's art show where he won the presidential purchase award and another...can't remember the name, way to go Dan!! I took C as my plus one.

My two boys decorating Christmas cookies...seriously, has it been THAT long since I've posted from MY computer?!

ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness! I feel like I have come out of the dark ages...or returned from a long retreat in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere...wait, I am taking a retreat in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere!

I have DSL again! hooray hooray for DSL day!
and while I should be in bed recouping from my flu, I just can't keep my hands off of the keyboard...

it has been so long since I've been able to walk to my fave borders, hop on over to urban outfitters, MAC, and anthropologie...waltz into whole foods...and SO long since I've had an actual has been even longer since we've had cable or land lines...but once you cut the ISP out of your diet, I promise you, you are living in the dark ages. 

I want to peruse etsy, post pix from our ash wed. service, give you my latest reading list, share what's on my playlist this month, or even share what we made for dinner tonight...just because I can.

SO, since I've been away for awhile...and seriously, it has been awhile...
let me fill you in on the latest in my life:

for dinner tonight, we whipped up a lovely oven-grilled pizza (we are used to using our outdoor grill by now...maybe even hopping into our lovely pool while our food grills...but not this year...this year, we are retreating in snow-land where, I must've forgotten, it snows 11.5 months of the year) topped with grilled tomatoes (I achieved this little treasure on my panini press...grill function, mind you), salami, and a lovely pile of feta mixed with s&p and basil...
on the side we devoured a fabulous balsamic salad made of parsley, tomatoes, mozzarella, onions and a homemade balsamic dressing...and when I say devoured...I don't actually mean me...I really am recovering from the's been passed through our house one person at a time each week for three turn! and, since I work at my kids school...I'm bound to catch the three other lovely bugs also making their rounds concurrently!!

Oh yes, I did promise my reading and playlists!!!
So, my current reading list:
1)Walking on Water by Madeleine L'engle
2)Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
3)Art & Fear (I can't remember the authors...and it's dark in my house...and I'm too lazy to go searching)
4)Abba's Child by Brennan Manning
5)and the book of Esther

My latest music choices have been sort of slow...the most current playlist was created for our ash wed. service and consists of a combination of coldplay, counting crows, patti griffin, drew & elly, BoB, classic crime, david crowder band, and a few others....but of course I am always listening to I love them....oh and I can't forget modest mouse from tonight on our pajama clad venture to redbox since blockbuster is slowly dwindling across America!

And what else did I say I wanted to share with you? Oh yeah, Ash Wed pix...I will definitely post those...but those pix deserve a post of their own because the service was so fun and because I'm featuring one of my favorite photogs, her pixies are to die for and you'll want to book a shoot with her when you see her work!

other news from our fourteenth chateau:
my baby cut her hair...OFF...literally...this time with the assistance of a hairdresser (someday I'll locate pix of the time my three year old chopped her own waist-length hair to her chin on one side only and her baby bro's hair to the scalp with pinking shears without the assistance of a hairdresser)...
I've been creating again...for (meager) pay (and lots of pro bono)...which is crazy...I swore it off over a year ago...and somehow it's landed in my lap...actually it's been chasing me down...and, I find that I just can't get enough of it (which reminds me of one of C's fave songs by Rooney...check it out here and ps I don't let her watch music videos), anyhow, I'll post pix of the newborn tees that were ordered and my collage workshop days with two different that really touched my heart...and I'll probably post all about how I find such connection between art and spirituality...but, I'll save that for then, because I am literally rambling from my tired and flu-inflicted body and my bed and sleeping husband are calling my for news from our chateau, that's pretty much it...since many of my readers don't actually know my kids, I'll spare you the mushy mommy rants about all of the activities they are in and how cute and smart and funny I think they both are...but I do...they say the funniest things...and seriously, I'll stop here b/c I almost started on a tangent about all of the funny things they've said lately.  My love to all of you my dear readers, thanks for reading my post-less blog while I was in the dark ages!!


  1. SO...lovin' your blog! I can't wait to read more. I'm faithfully following now. That means you must continue writing! Love what God's doing in your heart this season!

  2. Ooooh! you are just the sweetest! thankyou so much, and thankyou for your beautiful are truly talented!! xoxo