Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Desperately seeking a vegetarian Turkey Farmer!

well, the time is fast approaching for our darling Olive Oil to move from our house to a, well...a farm...dare i say.
do you know what happens to turkeys on turkey farms?
oh, i dare not say it....
yes...turkey farmers KILL their PET turkeys! isn't that horrific? how on earth could someone kill their pet?

it really is a wonder that I am not a vegetarian...I was almost completely vegan once, but only for dr's orders...and I'll admit it, my body felt much healthier, and with great stores like whole foods it was super easy...not super cheap though...and the mister swears he can tell when I use "enerG" egg substitute...but, you really can't...he also says he can tell when I buy generic Dijon mustard and everything else generic or fake or not homemade LOL.

really, it is a wonder that I am not a vegetarian b/c of all of my animal loves...did you know that I had a pet pig once? now, for those of you that are just reading my blog for the first time...this is sort of an absurd concept for a girl like is owning a turkey...yes, I was raised in a tiny town in a rural state, and yes, I have relocated my family back to this rural area while I am sick, (and it feels completely foreign to us, mind you) but I am a girl who loves the grittiness of a city, I love people, I love to shop, I love traffic, I am totally lulled to sleep at night to the sounds of cars and car alarms, and let's face it I need to live near MAC and urban...I have always been this, when I tell people I had a pet pig once they look at me strangely...
here's the deal...I was madly in love with Wilbur...I daydreamed about having a darling little baby pig to feed with a bottle and push around in a my mind, I suppose, I omitted pig poop from my, I begged my dad for a pig...he found a client who raised pigs and had rural property...and oila...if I promised to join 4-H (that's a club where you have to KILL your animals!!) I could have a pig...well, two years of teaching my pet pigs how to give kisses, bathing them, taking long walks with them, and THEN having to kill them...I was DONE! loading those babies of mine onto the semi after selling them is forever burned in my memory. honestly, I am SO surprised that I did not become a vegetarian then...actually that would've been intolerable at my parents house...even now, they are extremely disappointed that one of my kids' fave dishes is eggplant parmesan.

Fast forward twenty years and I have this sweet baby turkey on my hands...and I'll admit it, her cage gets a little stinky...but you just can't resist such a cute little thing who peeks over her cage at you and calls out to you...who cuddles and plays with you...she has this special little call that she makes for my husband (he makes it back to her) and today as we drove off she was making that call as loudly as she could with her head over her cage.  LOL I was so surprised to meet people here who actually raise turkeys...all of the people I have met have offered to take her for me once she is too big to live at our house...and everyone of them has made it very clear that they plan to EAT her!!! are you kidding me?! who does that? who eats their own pets?! wholly grossness.  and sadness. 
SO, I am desperately seeking a vegetarian turkey farmer.  One who does it purely for sport.  I am looking for a no-kill farming facility...because Olive Oil is not a meal.  How ironic that my daughter gave her a food name!! I think I'll put out an ad in the paper...perhaps I should advertise in a less carnivorous area, though...maybe I'll try Boulder.
or maybe I should just get her a doghouse.  Can turkeys live outside in the winter??


  1. Good luck friend! No turkey farm here; so sorry!

  2. I hope you found a place for her. There are places like The Gentle Barn that would take a turkey or other farm sanctuaries.