Monday, May 2, 2011

snow snow go away

I try very hard to be positive about where I now live because:
1) several people who live here read my blog and
2) my parents reside here and love it here
and let's face it, I am a polite person, I would never want to say something to hurt someones feelings or insult their taste...
but seriously, I am done being polite.  it is MAY 2ND, people, MAY 2ND!!! I awoke to snow on the ground AGAIN today...and yesterday, and the day before.  We arrived at a soccer game Saturday morning and my mother looked at me like I was crazy for not having my LONG UNDERWEAR on...are you kidding me?!

look at this!! can you believe this?! lol...just kidding, this is a photo I found online from the Chicago blizzard of 2011!
photo credits:
 I guess I should've known this...somehow, this slipped my on earth could I have been raised here and not known this?! I guess I should've remembered when I visited for the fourth of July that I did have to wear my winter coat...maybe even a winter hat? I think I must've blocked these freezing childhood memories from my mind...or maybe I've had a taste of mild weather and prefer it so much more.  So, little cold town, here is my two weeks notice...I must live somewhere warmer...this is too much for our thin-blooded family...we need to be in our pool right now.  enough said. xoxo

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