Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SOS!!! DON!!!

Don! you're my only friend here, you must come and rescue me!
In haste, as I always handle all serious questions/proposals/life decisions, I agreed to fly here in the middle of a busy/sad/trying/exciting week...not that this week is any different than any other week of my life...I mean, we always have something going on...but this week, my husband has extra hours/projects at work, my kiddos have some final sporting events, fun events at school, and...lastly, my cousin and childhood friend died. So, here I am Don, in your city...and not exactly enjoying the scenery outside of diaper duty and tantrum patrol, lol.
I felt compassionate and said "yes," to my friend's plea to fly out here and babysit her children...but, I've endured about the 56th tantrum today from her almost three year old...the last two took place in TARGET, where everyone was staring at me (and don't get me wrong I've endured PLENTY of tantrums in Target, just not from other people's kids)...we had a tantrum getting into the car that resulted in said two and a half year old kicking door as she flailed about (is flailed even a word?), we had a tantrum in the car on the way to Target...and then, we had one of the bigger outbursts right at the front of Target, when everyone in the store seemed to be checking out, because 2.5 yo wanted merchandise on a shelf...and that's just 20minutes and just ONE of the kids I am watching.
Seriously, Don, you must come and rescue me...take me to coffee if that's all you've got for time...but, I need a reprieve from tantrum throwing toddlers and five year olds who boss me around with phrases like "I TOLD you to stand over there,"
please Don I beg of you!
LOL, you like how I refer to you as my friend? haha, isn't it funny how we read someone's written words and we feel like we know them personally...I am sure a ton of people feel that way about you, Don Miller, because of your utter say things we all think but don't always say out, my dear, you are my friend since we know each other so well (wink!).  AND now, my other friend (the one whose kids I am watching) is probably going to hate me or worry about her children because of my utter honesty on this blog LOL...hopefully she doesn't have internet access in her hotel! LOL, no, you know I love you...and these kids too, even if they do boss me around and throw wild tantrums in the middle of the store...oh and throw up all over ;o) they are in good hands, LOL, but you owe me a stiff drink when you get home, hehe just kidding...kind of.

so I wrote this recently while, how funny that I still call it "babysitting" even though my babysitting years are FAR behind me and I no longer get paid ;o) I struggled with whether to post this or not...because I really am non-confrontational...oh yes, those are my true words, and that is my true personality: I laugh and have a ton of sarcasm even in frustrating hubby and I tease each other all of the time, and I express my true feelings (like the above story) all of the time and he encourages it and laughs along with's totally me to grab a face mask in the middle of my spinal tap while I am spinning and in pain, and make the Mr. pose for a picture with me...LOL...but, I am also non-confrontational, and very's as if the south has truly rubbed off on me by my sheer politeness in my choice of, posting this was a struggle...there's a reason I have a million non-published posts...because I am too polite.  I think this politeness crap can sometimes get the best of's a struggle, because, as a believer I naturally want to do things to help other people, but, then, at what point, when you are being taken advantage of, do you say "enough...please" ???
I have been reading through a book called "BOUNDARIES" for about the past cousin, Daphne, recommended is a FABULOUS go-to book for the guilt-ridden door-mat believer like's title says it all: Boundaries.  It talks about how to set healthy, Biblical based boundaries...anyhow, I really must hop in the shower, but, if you are a door-mat-believer like me check this book out!


  1. Hi Sarah: I read Boundaries as well. Interestingly, I am in the middle of Boundaries for Kids. Great read as a follow-up for you. So, it seems we pass our own boundary issues onto our kids. Isn't that great? :-) Hope you and Matt are doing well. I enjoy reading your blog posts. God Bless!
    Lynne Piper

  2. Oh great we pass them on?! Lol looks like I'll definitely need to grab that book too!