Monday, June 6, 2011

adventures in turkey farming

well folks, Olive had her first pedicure, and I must tell you, I think she is quite pleased with it...we tell her she's so pretty...she sat really well for a turkey getting her toenails painted, in fact, she fell asleep in my arms while C and I were painting.  T was not a happy little man when we painted "her" toenails, he kept saying "she is a boy! she is a boy! stop painting her nails she doesn't like it!" I told him we didn't know if she was a boy or a girl, he disappeared for a little while...
when I went in to find him, I called out "T what are you up to?"
"I am googling,"
"you are what?!" I called back,
"I am googling 'how do you tell if your turkey is a boy or a girl?'"
ohmygoodness, I was rolling....he still insists that our turkey is a boy (even after looking at pictures of turkeys) and does not like pink toenails (which is so funny that he has that opinion b/c we've never told him boys can't have their toenails painted, in fact, my friend, Jeff used to walk around with painted toenails all of the time! I guess T just doesn't like pink as much as I do).
LOL our little bird is one funny bird! she takes stroller rides, hot baths and loves them, gets out of her swimming pool-house and waits on our back step like a lonely little puppy wanting to be let in, and will not relax until she knows where her mommy (also known as the kids' dad) is.  On Saturday, the Mr. was painting a table that I brought home (this is a regular occurrence lol...I find furniture and he refinishes it) and Olive kept climbing out of her house to be with him, when I came home her little beak had primer all over it. 
LOL who knew we'd love a turkey so much or that such a little animal could become so domesticated (next on my list: potty training)...I don't think we can take her back to the city with us...she's certainly not going to remain small...just look at the size of those feet!
ooooh what's a girl to do? we can't let this little pet get eaten! Right about now, I am very seriously considering becoming a vegetarian.


  1. You crack me up! I love that you painted her toes. Too much you and C! Googling, eh, he's a smart one that T! We miss your faces; let's hook up VERY soon!

  2. Lol oh those are claws we painted! She's such a pretty turkey now!
    Yes let's totally hang soon!