Friday, August 26, 2011

Becoming OliveR

Olive showing her mom her pretty feathers

So, ladies and gents, our farming days are over. I'm very sad to report to you (from my IPOD bc my computer is still in vegetable's custody) that our big bird has left the nest and gone to "live on a farm where she can run and play with other animals" only that's not code for "your pet has died and I'm trying to make you feel better" (lol well at least I think not...I haven't paid her a visit yet, so, I guess I shouldn't say that with such confidence).  We found the best adoptive turkey mama in the world...I'm SO not kidding, her place is like Disneyland for animals! We arrived with Olive and her adoptive mom ran out and greeted HER 1st, saying, "hello Love," THEN when we got to Olive's room, she had a platter of spinach waiting for her (Ol's fave food) AND Olive's room opened to a garden full of greens where she can eat to her heart's content (and believe me, that birdie likes to eat plants)! Other animals live there too, and they all come running to Ol's new mom...she's snow white, I tell you...she could get the deer and birds to do her dishes with her!
Leaving Olive was awful, I cried every time I had to tell people where she was! When we first left her in her garden she gobbled really loudly for killed and I'm sure you all are laughing that I could get so attached to a farm animal. We get little updates on Olive...who actually might be OliveR ...ha, I gave that boy bird a complex by holding HIM and painting HIS nails and constantly telling the big bird how pretty HE was and asking him to show us his pretty feathers (lol she would spin and fluff whenever we said this).
When we first introduced Olive to her roommates, the chickens, she was scared to death and first ran to hide behind me, saw her mom, my husband, and ran to take shelter behind him...I was worried sick about how she was doing with Chickens, and wondering if they were being mean or nice to her...then today, we got the funniest update ever! Apparently Olive gets uber protective of her chickens much so,that she refuses to go to bed until all the chickens are in the coop...then, once they are all huddled in the corner Olive goes over, opens her wings and shelters them under her! She thinks she's a mom! Only...she might be a he...hence the reason for my thoughts on giving her a complex! Oh Olive, what a funny bird you are!
Olive through the months:

our family picture...seriously, considering this for the Christmas card:

or one of these:


  1. I LOVE THE PICTURES!!! So glad to hear that OliveR is settling in at her/his new home!! SO sweet!

  2. Awesome! I really enjoyed this post, the pics are really cool too.