Saturday, September 17, 2011

artichoke sauce

So, I've been looking for a yummy artichoke sauce recipe ever since I had the yummiest pizza ever at a vegetarian restaurant...I was able to choose my sauce and all of my,  sometimes my "creativity" can be a bit too much but the combination of artichoke sauce+olives+fresh tomatoes (now no longer allowed in my diet)+olives+feta+mozzarella was deeeeeeelightful!
Here is a yummy recipe that I was actually a pasta sauce that contained chicken, but I omitted those things and tweaked it...then spread it on probably the grossest ever gluten free pizza dough (tasted like we were eating flour...could've saved myself some time and not cooked it at all)...but the sauce alone flavored it so well it made up for dough grossness! we threw some salami, olives, feta and mozzarella over this sauce and it was so tasty.  I spread this sauce cold on toast today...i think it might be kind of good on a ciabbata (sp?) bun with some sandwich makings too...anyhow, here's the recipe we used:

artichoke sauce
Heat 2T olive oil in skillet on med-high and cook 2 minced garlic cloves about a minute
then add:
1/4 white wine
s & p to taste
1- 15oz can artichoke hearts drained and pureed [(to a thick paste) in food processor]

reduce heat and cook until heated through. 

then ADD:
1/4-1/2 Cup (or more, I just tossed a bunch of handfuls in) of fresh shredded Parmesan
about 2T dried basil...i didn't measure.

cook  until cheese has melted into sauce and basil has softened.

Spread a thin layer over pizza dough as a tomato-ish sauce substitution. 

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