Thursday, September 15, 2011

food allergies: the thing that changed my life (well, for this month at least)

duh.  of course a food allergy would change your changing my life, I mean...I suddenly have more free time (well less time in the kitchen)! YES, it's still sad to not be able to eat a reeses in all it's chocolatey peanut buttery goodness...but baby this food allergy thing, THIS month, it's pure motivation...
I finally did it.  I finally took the whole once-a-month-cooking-challenge...and it is fabulous.  truly fabulous. 
yes, I did, indeed, want to shoot myself in the foot DURING the whole food prep/cooking thing...and yes, the time optimist in me, TOTALLY miscalculated how long it would actually take...time optimist says 1 day, reality says 3-4 days (and thanks to my sweet husband, who did ALL of the vegetable chopping, he shaved at least a day off of that total)....LOL I really only have one meal left to make, BUT we've had the flu at our house followed by me chaperoning a fourth/fifth grade camp, followed by another, I'd have to say 29 out of 30 meals ain't that bad.  and ain't is not a word by the way...I must state that fact b/c there is the little boy who says it all the time as if it were a word and my little T came home, said it, followed by me saying "we do not say 'aint' it is not a word," to which he replied, "yes it is, Colter says it all the time." thank you, Colter. 
Anyhow, Once a month cooking is seriously the coolest invention we'll see how some of the meals turned out once I thaw them...but, it's SO nice to be able to grab a meal based on how you feel and heat it...that's right, heat it.  Both my hubby and I are super picky about lots of food...we really do like things made from scratch, and I'm so not kidding when I tell you we really do not like fast, I felt completely overwhelmed by these new food allergies popping up right when our lives start to get busier with the school year and fall activities starting back up...ALL of my go-to-quick recipes contain soy or not kidding. 
Here's the best part of my once a month cooking: cookie dough on hand.  I was in the middle of making chocolate chip cookie dough the night before we did our once a month shopping, when creative Thursday started (more on that later), so I quickly balled up the dough and divided it into little zip locks and VOILA...cookie dough for me to eat.  along with the occasional hot cookie on command...loving that! ohmygoodness, now I am craving cookies.

I wanted to share this fabulous recipe, I found it while searching on my ipod forever ago, so, I am so sorry to whoever posted it, I cannot remember you to link up!! OH and also I am sharing it from memory, lol, so if it doesn't taste right, tweak it!!! This recipe is one that you can throw into your freezer in a large zip lock...if you are buying a large bag of chicken breast and have five minutes to pull 4 tenderloins out, it's that simple! You need:

4 Chicken breast tenderloins (pounded thin)
zest of 1 lime
chopped cilantro (about a tablespoon)
1-2 T olive oil
juice of 1 lime

I basically threw everything in a zip lock minus the lime juice.  I put the lime juice in its own little zip lock then placed all of it into another large freezer bag.  I froze it, then let it thaw the day I needed it. 
The recipe says to throw the lime juice in about 15 minutes before cooking...not sure how long we let it sit in there, probably longer....

we were heading up to cook over a camp fire, and I'll be honest, as grilling weather nears its end I can only take so many hot dogs and hamburgers (no matter how kosher or high of quality of meat they are) SO we grabbed this bag of frozen marinated chicken and, VOILA another meal on command!! LOL i wanted to share this recipe b/c one doesn't actually have to prepare an entire month's worth of cooking for this could simply throw the ingredients together and have it frozen for a quick dinner.  We had refried black beans and white rice with this...SO yummy...yummy enough that my child who never actually eats, requested more the next day. 

another easy peezy freezy meal: soups.  y'all probably already knew this fact...soups freeze and reheat fabulously, and you don't exactly have to thaw these dishes overnight...i always freeze my left over soup in individual portions for sports practice nights...or place it in a large ziplock and place the frozen block in my crock pot if I'm not planning to be home, or throw it on the stove on low. 

anyhow, that's all I have to share from my plethura of cooking confusion knowledge...

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