Monday, September 19, 2011

morning laugh

OMG we cannot stop laughing...we do not know how they did it, but our kids made television! check out my back seat

what does your back seat look (or smell) like?
LOL I told my husband that our cars are smelly (I meant the funny exhaust smells they make) and he said, like I had no idea what took place in the seat behind me and all of these years it was piling up, "umm, babe I'm pretty sure that's rotten food you are smelling."

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  1. Too funny,
    There's always mayhem in the backseat lol. Brings back memories for me of my boys when they were kids. That backseat was the Bermuda triangle (someone would always lose their pacifier) lol, and one of my sons could squirm his way out of his car seat no matter how securely you'd put him into it smh.