Saturday, September 17, 2011

retired carneys

lol a tad bit creepy

a tad bit creepier

I love cotton candy

and the cotton-candy-maker

one of the many many ways we celebrated turning ten this past summer was to throw a 'stache party...I couldn't look at the mister without laughing...i tried to talk to him into shaving his mustache into shape the week before our party to "support the cause" but he wouldn't do it.  We kept the cotton candy machine an extra day and my sweet love made loads and loads of cotton candy...ahhh...he sure does know the key to this girl's heart. 
**side story** M was home for lunch one day this past summer and he left the garage door open...he heard a knock on the door...when he opened it, some neighbor's were there to frantically warn him that a turkey had gotten into his garage...M is a very quiet and often serious looking, he just shrugged and said "yes, I know, she lives here," (i told him he should've acted shocked and ran and picked her up and shooed her out, you know for a show) lol the neighbors walked off muttering "what kind of neighborhood is this?"*** SO on the night that we sat up making cotton candy in the very noisy cotton candy machine (we attempted this in our kitchen and wound up with grainy "floss" all over the floors) Matt said, "the neighbors probably think we are former carneys with a turkey in our yard and now a cotton candy machine," he decided we should hang a sign on our door that says "retired carney."  We delivered cotton candy, rather than cookies, to the neighbors. 
Olive getting a stroller ride...T says she's "overly civilized."

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