Tuesday, October 11, 2011

big head sarah

have y'all noticed my new profile picture? That's a graffiti of my face! LOL i LOVE that thing!! i don't ordinarily love photos of myself plastered all over the place...but this baby is SO funny! I woke up on my birthday, earlier this summer to discover my giant head on my front porch...i knew right away, who had done brother!! he is amazing!! this GIANT head sits up above my kitchen cupboards awaiting for my other three family members to join fabulous would that be!?! six foot spray painted heads of my whole family all over my walls!! next i'd like him to make a mural on my tall hall wall out of permanent markers...i saw it done years ago in an issue of LIVING ETC (only the best home mag ever!), one of the home owners had hired a local artist to create their family portrait on their entry wall!! i have wanted one ever since...only i no longer have smooth plaster walls, so, i am not so sure how well it will work.  I let the kids paint their walls (actually we commissioned their dad to paint them) in black chalkboard paint and b/c our walls are textured, it's way too hard to draw with chalk on, they have black walls minus drawings b/c they don't like to draw on all that bumpiness :o( anyhow, that's all I really have to share at the moment...i am surrounded with piles of laundry and dirty, i had better stop wasting your time and mine.

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  1. I like that graffiti head it's really cool, likewise I also like the idea of a mural on the walls.