Friday, October 7, 2011

yay for you and me day!

mixed media Sarah Alexander

i never actually show my art work on this blog...mostly because I don't like it after a while (you know how that see all of the flaws)...but i guess this is somehow stored on my web, I thought I'd post it is HAPPY YOU & ME day, why not post a cute wedding pic of my parents? That's my dad and mom when they were just wee ones!  I have this collage sitting on my piano and in a line of vintage inspired gift tags...I created it years and years everyone collages photos...even target LOL (I LOVE target, but have you noticed how they sell the same cute stuff that we sell on etsy and at a better price?! darn you target! but i still love you) i still think my parents are cuties, so here you go.
Today is the anniversary of the day that my Mr. and I met.  I will never never never forget that cold day. My friend, Denise, convinced me to go to the homecoming football game...and by convinced, I mean, DRAGGED! I do not like football (don't worry, I got over this once M started working at the Cowboys stadium in I think i didn't like football growing up b/c the games were in SNOW outside and I really don't like to be cold), it was by chance...actually it was divine ;o) that I made it to a game where Ringo just happened to be visiting his frat brothers!!! and...the rest is history.  Now, begins the weekend of pure celebration! yay for you and me ringo, i love you.

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  1. Wow how the time goes by!! Awesome... You guys are the cutest!