Wednesday, October 5, 2011

we are so in love. we like to wear matching jewelry

please excuse the high-quality-ness of my camera phone (no, I know what you are thinking, I did not break my that's a record!)...
I kept slapping these friendship bracelets on the mr. and he would immediately rip them off and eat them before I could photograph him in his snazzy new accessories...I held his hand down and grabbed the nearest camera- my phone. 
Look at our twin bracelets...some couples have framed photos of their wedding bands, we...we have matching twizzlers pull and peel bracelets.  I even made my kids some for their lunches today, with a little note that read "please wear my friendship bracelet. love, mom" they were much more appreciative of their new accessories (mmmm's GIVING us sugar?! umm YES I'll wear your friendship bracelet, mom!)
I actually took this photo to email to myself so I could frame it as a present for the mr. for the anniversary of the day we met (yes, we celebrate everything)...then he said "you aren't taking that picture for a frame, you are going to blog about it!" what a fabulous idea!! so, here you are my love, a picture AND a blog about our matching-we-are-in-love-bracelets...for an early happy anniversary of meeting each other (so glad we did)present. happy you & me day (on october 7). love you.

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