Saturday, November 26, 2011

overly civilized turkey

the happiest turkey on Thanksgiving day
Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all of you!!
so, this is the hushed conversation I overheard C & T having after a pre-thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's house:

T: "Did you eat that Turkey there?"
C: "Yes...a little..."
T: "Me too,"
C: "I felt kind of bad,"
T: "Me too."

and...since it IS that time of year, I feel ANOTHER turkey story couldn't hurt! I got another funny update on Olive(R)...(s)He is doing fabulously and is apparently the sweetest turkey much so, that her new turkey-mama told my mother that people who meet her are SO shocked at how sweet and gentle she is...I guess all of those hot baths, bike rides, nail painting sessions, and her own special purse for attending parties really paid off, now, didn't they?  who knew that snuggling a turkey from birth could make them sweet? bet you didn't!

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