Friday, January 13, 2012 mama gave me this fabulous tea for IBS...(side note, as far as I know, I don't have IBS...well, sure, I like to BS, but I don't HAVE the syndrome IBS) has totally helped her (seriously, haven't seen her feeling this great in ages!), in fact she's learned that her grandmother used to drink the same tea, for kicks, i thought i'd try it...not actually expecting anything to happen since I don't have ibs symptoms, but, I figured, maybe when i'm nauseous this would help, if i tried it while i wasn't nauseous, i would know if i could stomach it while i, it's just tea...right?
nooooooo. no. no. no.
my mother's ibs cure-all tea gave me ibs.
lol. no, not really.  but, man it made me sick.  not the kind of sick you think...just my usual episode...but, ohmygoodness...i don't think i'll be drinking magic ibs tea anymore. 

i'll stick to my usual drinks...minus the marshmallows

not actually the magic tea...the contents look about how my body felt after drinking the magic potion though. ashes photo courtesy of Steph Cooley
however, for those of you with ibs, you should message me and i'll give you the name b/c it really works IF you have ibs. 

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