Tuesday, February 14, 2012

i heart pink. and ringo. and my little valentines.

hello. and happy lover's day!!
i have always loved valentine's day.  whether single or married, i have loved it...probably b/c it's filled with pink, my fave color.  yes, i am the girl that likes a holiday for it's color rather than the significance of romance. 
I am totally and completely in love with my valentine, though, AND i love having a romance with him!! and I'm totally in love with my little family of valentines.  we always watch a charlie brown holiday movie on most holidays...mostly b/c we've rarely had cable tv in our many homes and that is one cartoon that seasonally airs on the antenna channels!! we have also started this tradition of watching Jacob Two Two and his valentine episode which happens to be pretty funny...maybe it's just funny to us b/c the kids laugh SO hard. 
today, for valentine's day, I am peeing in a jug in the dark.  do you have any idea how difficult it is to take samples in the dark? yeah, it's not easy.  just this morning i've spilled urine all over myself (seriously, try pouring a "hat" of urine into the small mouth of a container with the lights off or your eyes closed...see if you can manage to not get pee on yourself?!).  LOL here's the funny thing, I was totally against mini potty seats after my kids got used to the little potty seat that sat inside the actually toilet seat BECAUSE i can't stand the smell of urine, and NOW I'm pouring it all over myself and my sink!! next up comes some other fun the dark.  seriously.  OH, and in the middle of all of this, I have a dentist appointment today is probably the most unique valentine's day I have ever had!!
How has yours been?

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  1. So... I failed. The balloons are still sitting my room, un-popped. BUT i have a proposition, one that will benefit both of us. I propose that i give you $25 and we go flea market shopping together. The challenge is us using our money to get the best finds. We will post photos of them and then decided the winner. (not sure how though) :) How about it?