Thursday, March 29, 2012

fender-benders and marcel

oh what a night.
when you hear that phrase don't you want to just break into song "ooooh what a night!"
i do. seriously. i do. my friend's son told her he always hears a song in his head, and i can totally relate, ME TOO!! i always hear a song in my fact every season of our life has a playlist...
but, wait...that's not what i was talking all...i was talking about our night...
seriously, oooooh what a night...
as in, I backed into my husband's car. 

this is sort of how it played out:
backing up,
"um, mom? you hit dad's car."

i trudged into the house.
"ummm honey,"
he came around the corner (he didn't even SEE outside) "You hit my car? didn't you?" in the calmest voice ever...i nodded my head...
(and while all of you are wondering why on earth he knew this...i should probably mention that he knew this b/c: i have hit a parked car in the past, and our garage door, and the frame of our garage...but not in a LONG LONG TIME...years, in fact...and, tonight I was more than distracted, my tantrum thrower had just had one of her usual tantrums, and that'll leave a girl sort of out of sorts!!)
then...he walked outside to his car and started laughing. laughing, i tell you. what a sweet man i am married to. he's not the least bit worried about his poor unsuspecting, bludgeoned car...he put some duct tape on it and drove off. it's not pretty. i did some serious damage.

seriously. what a night. this all followed a conversation about our state having a private-monkey-ownership ban (which i find ridiculous)..there are quite a few states with this ban! i know, crazy! what's more crazy is that we were having this conversation and that the mister was looking this info up for us! LOL!!!
SO, on freecycle today, someone posted a pet monkey free to good home! ummmYES! thankyouverymuch! i'll take a monkey! i've wanted a pet monkey since i was a child!! i mean, who hasn't?! I immediately called the mister, and told him all about this adorable little furry pet that was going to come live at our house!! then c, t, v & i spent a good deal of time telling M about all of the dreamy things that would happen to us if we lived with a little monkey, that V and I instantly dubbed Marcel. We demonstrated all of the cute things we could do with an itty bitty monkey living in our we could say "Marcel, go wake up the kids!" and Marcel would run down the hall and slap their cheeks and kiss them...and then we could push Marcel in a little stroller and carry him around in a baby carrier on our chest AND Marcel could even be my official sample wearer/baby model for my newborn line of tees!! ummm YES, a monkey is about the best idea that's come to us in a loooong time, i tell you! V told M she didn't exactly understand why this would be a problem, since, he did in fact own a turkey last year. I explained to M that this is about as close to a human as a pet can get (minus tantrums and back talking)...potty trained...cute...lovable...we needed this baby monkey. M told V that Marcel would be moving with her into her sister's led to more daydreaming...b/c her sister's state is only a PARTIAL ban on private monkey ownership state! yeehaw!! a place where we can legally keep Marcel!! lol, oh yes, then we discussed how we would hide Marcel in our monkey-banning state...M said "OH yes, Sarah, YOU could hide him! Because we all know that you'd be pushing him around in public in a stroller!!" so, then, V and I decided that we would need to just dress him up in baby clothes and carry him quietly around on our chests and say he was our baby, to which M replied "ummm, yes we just have a very hairy baby," LOL, I said "YES!! like Jacob's twin!! Esau...wasn't it esau b/c it means hairy?! we'll tell everyone his name is Esau and they won't ask b/c it means hairy." THEN, V and I decided we could teach him to say "meow" or "bark" and we'd tell people he was our very weird pet cat or pet dog. YES, this is how the night went....yes, these are the types of conversations we have in our house....
then, i pulled foster the people up on itunes and danced around the mister who sat reading an engineering book, ignoring me.
i suppose i could've been distracted by monkey-thoughts when i hit M's car. I think he probably won't be letting me have a pet monkey now that we have car repairs to pay for. LOL, oh, that, and some cruel cruel person posted Marcel on freecycle and it was a total, Marcel only exists in our imagination.

and I close, dear friends, with this's fitting for our evening....indeed

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