Monday, April 23, 2012

“It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.’”” Romans 14:11 NIV
For some reason this verse, and verses similar to it always evoked in my mind, images of this scary God forcing knees to bow...
but, this morning, as I read this, I was reminded of the verse that says that our God is a patient God not wanting anyone to perish...and, I realize that every knee will bow by choice not by force, it is God's desire for everyone of us not to perish...and, that every little circumstance we've experienced may be used as a redemptive story for ourselves or for someone else. 
and then, I remember, driving the other morning...stretched out in front of me were black mountains...a giant expanse of shadows...but, i didn't even notice the expanse of mountains b/c just above the mountains stood a much smaller mountain...snow-covered it stood bright and white, it was nearly blinding...even though it's size was minute compared to the shadowed mountains in front of it, you couldn't help but only notice it.
as I sat looking at this mountain, I realized how much like life it front of all of us is a great expanse of dark, of rough terrain, of trials and climbs and shadows...
we can choose to stay in the shadows, or we can choose to shine...
others do see the shadows stretched out in front of us...and they also see how we respond to our situations...
and this is when i realize that it is often how we respond to life that causes other's "knees to bow" (ie see Christ in us) isn't necessarily our holiness...b/c we are not is not the picture perfect's the darkness in our lives and our response to it...our complete dependence on God that causes others to see Him too.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

lucky me!!!

well, my dear friends...
i think i've broken something.
my back to be exact.
I plunged down some stairs today...well, a few more than some...i started out at the top...i ended up on a different floor when my tumble came to a finish.  C told me I hit my head too.  Her reenactment was pretty humorous!  Seriously, I feel old.  I felt like the tinman, I feel like a rusty tinman now. 

I wrote that last night...from my stiff position on my bed.  We returned home from practice and I had the kids help me relocate my growing laundry pile to my bed...we put on one episode of Jacob two two and I awoke wondering, "hmmm...should I let the kids watch Jabob two two ALL night? or should I put them to bed?" I decided on the latter, even though I didn't want to move from my crazy position half on my bed, half on my overstuffed midnight when the mr. came home, I couldn't move at all. 
I honestly contemplated cancelling everything today...but...boy am I glad I didn't....
because THEN I wouldn't have been given an upholstery sewing machine!!! YES!!! you heard me right!! ohmygoodness!!!  I have been slowly accumulating upholstery fabric whenever I find a roll on clearance...I am SO excited!!! THAT alone was worth getting out of bed for this morning!!! now I've got to figure out how to use it!!!!! I cannot wait!!!  keep your eyes out for my future furniture line...once I can bend over a sewing machine again!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

i am NOT a bad driver, google!!

okay, so i'm apparently not supposed to mention the ads in my sidebar...but, I couldn't help but noticing that they were all about car insurance this morning!! are you kidding me?! even google thinks i'm a bad driver?!
my car wouldn't start this morning (i'm pretty sure a short fella left some lights on in it), so i had to get a ride from my trusty roommate ;o) and I mentioned to my colleague that my car wouldn't start...he said "why? did you hit someone again?"