Thursday, April 12, 2012

lucky me!!!

well, my dear friends...
i think i've broken something.
my back to be exact.
I plunged down some stairs today...well, a few more than some...i started out at the top...i ended up on a different floor when my tumble came to a finish.  C told me I hit my head too.  Her reenactment was pretty humorous!  Seriously, I feel old.  I felt like the tinman, I feel like a rusty tinman now. 

I wrote that last night...from my stiff position on my bed.  We returned home from practice and I had the kids help me relocate my growing laundry pile to my bed...we put on one episode of Jacob two two and I awoke wondering, "hmmm...should I let the kids watch Jabob two two ALL night? or should I put them to bed?" I decided on the latter, even though I didn't want to move from my crazy position half on my bed, half on my overstuffed midnight when the mr. came home, I couldn't move at all. 
I honestly contemplated cancelling everything today...but...boy am I glad I didn't....
because THEN I wouldn't have been given an upholstery sewing machine!!! YES!!! you heard me right!! ohmygoodness!!!  I have been slowly accumulating upholstery fabric whenever I find a roll on clearance...I am SO excited!!! THAT alone was worth getting out of bed for this morning!!! now I've got to figure out how to use it!!!!! I cannot wait!!!  keep your eyes out for my future furniture line...once I can bend over a sewing machine again!!

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