Thursday, May 17, 2012

coordinating fabric for my mother's day gift

I know I promised the tale of my mother's day gift...however, I can't bring myself to post about it without a photo of it! AND, if you've been reading my blog for awhile now, you know how bad I am about photos...what happened to the good ole days of taking my film to one hour development and having a hefty stack of pix? sigh...i keep forgetting to upload my photos...because i actually did take a picture of my lovely mother's day present and I promise you the tale of acquiring it is a good one...but, until my thrill of the find post #1 is up, I thought I'd share my newest totally-in-love-with-this-site obsession!! I plan to make some brightly colored pillows to go on top of my mother's day find (do you have any guesses of what it is yet?) and I discovered the amazing fabrics on that site!! ohgoodness...this is not's like the day i discovered cheap antiques on ebay (um yesterday) but didn't take into account the shipping price, LOL!! anyhow, take a peek at modern fabric studio i'm sure you'll be as in love as i am...

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