Monday, May 14, 2012

happy belated mother's day.
dear me.  has it really been this long since I've posted a for-real-diary-blog entry? i've been a terrible blogger this year...
the truth is, I have been a tad bit regular routine of dishes, laundry, more laundry, and the occasional blog post have flown out the window in this "quiet town" where i came to "rest,"
and instead, my routine has become one of running, rushing, squeezing meals in, throwing a load of wet clothes that have been in the washer for ?? into the dryer, then running some personal time=no time to create, which also=no time to blog.
I know it's just a season in life but, I do find myself searching for ways to slow down...

I have also sort of been putting off blogging b/c I have been having a little bit of a pity party lately and no one wants to read a blog post about that...I think my pity party sort of stemmed from having an empty nest and strangely, an unofficial diagnosis.
 yes, my V has left the nest and taken her pretty furniture with her, leaving my house, indeed, feeling quite and while i do love her taste and how well our combined furniture meshes, i love her company more and miss her terribly ;o) oh goodness, i'm welling up now...and it's already been a whole week, you'd think i'd be getting a grip by now!
as for the unofficial diagnosis, it happened in a whirlwind that started as a horrible rxn becoming a blessing in disguise b/c it landed us with a confirmed "this has GOT to be what you have!" from my doctor...I mean, we've known the name of this suspected disorder for quite some time...but, until recently, I guess I've just been living in this little world of "maybe it's not that," and "eh, this too shall pass." With the most recent confirmation, the calling of my disorder by it's name, surfaced some unexpected emotions in me, i guess it's really hit me that maybe this too won't pass...that this season isn't exactly just a season...however, none of these emotions replaced my reality that this could be way way worse, that I don't have it all that bad.
I approach all things in life with a pretty light-hearted attitude:
"so, we're moving again? ok, well good I needed to deep clean this house anyway,"
"so, I'm getting A wisdom tooth pulled? ok, at least it's one and not four,"
yes, that is typically the way I process things.  I assumed that knowing the name of my disorder would evoke feelings of relief, and it totally does...I think the reality of it, the reality that this could last a little bit longer than i had anticipated sort of bulldozed me a little bit, leaving me a bit winded.

A trip to my beloved anthropologie, urban outfitters, and MAC (thank you eyes thank you too! seriously, they look HOT now!! M agrees) followed by a broadway play...THEN another one of my crazy furniture scavenger hunts this past week has totally brightened my spirits and brought me back to my usual self...pure artistic inspiration, which is maybe all that i needed all along! i think, life has just been so busy, and since i now live nowhere near civilization, my artistic well had run dry...I didn't realize how much I needed to refresh it and how much faster my heart beats in an urban was so lovely to have dinner at our old favorite neighborhood restaurant, smell anthropologie and be inspired by all of the take in a play with C, having a date with M, and...topping it all off: a furniture hunt that ended very well....
oh, ladies and gents...i don't think I've done a very good job on my blog of really introducing you to my crazy obsession with love of all things vintage, of furniture, OR even to my art...
let me take a minute and try to create a little statement about myself and my furniture:
i love all things old.  if your piece has a story, it's as good as sold to ME.  i can't pass up a piece that came from someone's grandfather's house...that he lovingly built with his own two hands.  there's a total thrill of the find...but, not just the find, the find at a good price! and the smell and feel of a fresh coat of, even the thrill of somehow making it fit in the car.  ah yes, i'm a crazy one...for garage sales, and thrift stores, and little open markets and most definitely craigslist.  nearly every piece in my house is a found object with some sort of story...only my pink sofa was a full price item...and even that sweet pink sofa has a tale of it's own.
so, i'd like to take these next couple of days to showcase my finds...and their little stories...
first up will be my mother's day gift...

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