Monday, May 21, 2012

put it on my tab

C had a baby shower for her email followed by what seems to be a daily request these past two months, "MOM! MOM! MOM! I HAVE to take a baby gift! I HAVE to, and I need it TOMORROW!!" boy, am I ever glad I still had these little things from an old line of notions that I used to sell (since it was 8pm when this request was made)!! just pulling them out and wrapping them up in my striped tissue paper makes me want to sit and create again. 
Seriously, though, these school requests are killing me! we've been in a LOT of schools (six and counting...I think...and that doesn't count the year we had to home school while living on site with daddy for his project) and our latest school is really is...but, sometimes, it feels like the teachers forget that we have lives outside of school...last week we had something every night...and topping it off, we had to create a dish by 5:30pm one evening that could've been eaten in ancient Egypt.  Sooooo thankful those ancient Egyptians ate hummus and soooo thankful those people at safeway sell it!
 LOL, this week, we are catering a breakfast along with many many other special requests...then C gets home and the usual: "MOM! MOM! We HAVE to bring food this week," request is made.  me: "Yes, I know...we parents are catering breakfast this week," C: "NOOOOOO! We HAVE to bring food, we decided to have a party on Wednesday!" ahhh yes, of course, another teacher decided to tell the kids to bring food too.  Ahh, yes, I'll just squeeze that in between baking nine million muffins and making teacher appreciation gifts.  add it to the growing pile, please.  seriously, put it on my tab.
On another totally unrelated note...I've entered a contest to win photoshop!! fingers are crossed!! i hope I win...b/c wouldn't that just spruce up my blog so much? I mean, look at these photos...just think about how I could've changed the lighting and put them together as one photo, side by side, all cutesie! Kate from See Kate Sew is running the contest and she's running another pretty amazing contest over at her blog today! Kate's blog is one of my absolute favorites..she has some of the best tutorials and patterns! and, I promise, I'm totally not saying this so she'll pick me to win, I wish she would!!

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