Tuesday, May 29, 2012

thank you teachers...oh, and imaginary friends

I thought that I'd share our teacher appreciation gifts...they were a relatively inexpensive, yet personal way to say thank you to some pretty special peeps in our lives
We had so much fun creating these...I had really hoped to use "chicks and hens" or is it "hens and chicks" 1) b/c I love succulents and 2) well, really...chicks...hens... need i say more?? but, the individual plants were so much more expensive AND those brightly colored pansies really really popped in the vintage cocktail glasses we picked up at a local thrift store.  We made little paper buntings out of scraps of paper I had in a drawer (all of my collages are made out of recycled scrap), yarn, and some bbq skewers. 
Want to make your own? it's really quite simple...all it takes is fun containers (one could find much more affordable containers at a dollar or craft store...vintage glasses...that match, mind you, aren't exactly the thriftiest way to plant flowers LOL), pansies or other little plants like johnny jump ups, soil, skewers, yarn, fabric glue, and paper scraps.  One needn't sew their bunting together...but, I am a collage artist, so, I take every chance I get to sew on paper ;o)  I am terrible about actually writing directions...I tend to get overly descriptive (I believe winded is the word) so, if you'd like more detailed directions (mostly on making mini bunting...which is fun for cupcakes), message me and I'll write a more elaborate post.

I am so grateful for all of the lovely teachers who have come into our lives this year (and all of the years past)...I truly believe the great ones plant seeds. 

I breathe a deep sigh of relief as we approach summer break...I am looking forward to a summer season of much needed rest...mostly for our souls ;o) I look forward to sprinklers and Popsicles (if it ever warms up) and time to really create.  Today was the first day in ages, that I was able to sit and freely create what was in my head...I've been so blessed to have been given a number of creative projects this past year and those projects were what kept me going through some busy and emotional times...but, it's been forever since I've been able to sit, like I used to, and just grab hold of all of those visions floating through my even stop and see those visions...and to get them down on paper.  I started this blog two+ years ago in an attempt to force myself to create again...I thought that perhaps, if I talked about my work..threw some words out there into the www I might actually be held accountable to create during a season in life when I couldn't bring myself to do the one thing I loved...we had left SCAD and I'll admit it, I knew it was the right thing, but, I was sad...
I was right, having a blog most certainly has forced creativity, but not in the way that I thought it would...instead, I read the blogs of so many other creative people out there and I find myself so inspired...
so, while I am thanking people today, 1st: great teachers and now, 2nd: thank you thank you all of you fabulously creative blog writers whose blogs I follow...thank you my imaginary friends. LOL

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